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Owner & Founder of Milenial Beauty Studio & Academy

Hey! I just wanted to briefly introduce myself, I'm Sophy. Solo mum of two and the owner of Milenial Beauty Studio & Academy.

I joined the beauty industry 5 years ago and fell in love with one particular treatment, BROWS. After passing my training I realised it was very basic and hadn't really prepared me for the challenges I would face, so I made it my mission to learn everything there was to know about Brows. I built my home studio up from nothing, the only goal being that I could work around my babies and always be there for them. I'm pleased to say that the studio & my babies are both thriving and I get to work part time, from home and be a present parent.

I am now a multi-award winning Brow Artist with awards including being awarded 2nd in Yorkshire in the "Best for Brows" category at the Hair & Beauty Awards, a HBA Finalist 3 years running, a Finalist at The Brow Awards 2022 and most recently, 2nd in the UK at the Worldwide Browista Championships.

I am also a fully qualified, Accredited & Insured Educator. Although I do offer some face to face mentoring, I prefer to focus on online education, the same way I started out, so I can give other women the opportunity to learn, grow and build a business around their own families and create a bright future in their own time.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey!

Love Sophy x

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